2Pac – The Sessions Of ”One Nation” (June 1996)


2Pac - The Sessions Of ''One Nation'' (June 1996)


The Bitches Session I (1:33)
The Medicate Freestyle Session (Yaki Kadafi & Storm) (20:03)
N E W Jerz (Interlude) (0:05)
The Brothaz At Armz Session I (8:52)
The Brothaz At Armz Session II (1:09)
The Letz Fight Session (9:55)
The Military Minds Session I (5:51)
The Coast II Coast Session (2:11)
That's Sick (Interlude) (0:07)
The Bitches Session II (3:39)
Too Much Hennessey (Outro) (0:46)
**Bonus When Thugz Cry (Alternate Original Version) (5:17)


The Military Minds Session II (2:36)
Kadafi & Kastro Freestyle (1:00)
The Lastonesleft Session (2:17)
Back To Thugz Mansion (Interlude) (4:35)
The East Coast War (2Pac & Outlawz Interview Session) (14:00)
Basket Case ('96 Sho Shot) (Instrumental) (0:19)
Basket Case ('96 Sho Shot) with Greg Nice (0:45)
2Pac's Studio Philosophy (Interlude) (3:09)
The Troublesome 96 Session (3:11)
Reincarnation (2:32)
Secrets Of War Shit (Outro) (0:09)
**Bonus M.O.B. (Original Version) with The Outlaw Immortalz (4:43)
**Bonus Just Like Daddy (Dramacydal Version) (4:14)

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