1995-09-16 / Tupac’s Contract With Death Row Records

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Marion ”Suge” Knight was signed on September 15, 1995. Tupac was signed the next day September 16, 1995, when the contract was brought to jail.

2.25 refundable from gross sales of 3 albums
you may got refunded from first profit
but due upon saying

1 million advance from 3 albums
and due upon ……

1.5 million for publishing. 500,000 due upon recieving
‘r u still down’ 500,000 due upon
completion of ‘america’s euthansia’, 500,000 due
upon recieving ‘….. final album’

for ‘2pac’ contract the total is 4.75 million for 3 albums
2.25 ….
with ‘Live 2 tell’ add 1 million
and option to get first choice at
future scripts and books

Before i can sign these things must be included
and the proper changes must be made
the option clause must be volintary

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