10 Useful Tips on How to Learn to Write Rap

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If you have never tried to write rap lyrics before, you might not know that it always comes with a beat in your head or one that is already composed. The inspiration can strike anywhere when you hit that sampler key or have this agenda that you want to spread just like the flame of the fire. The trick is to choose the beat that works because you should feel it inside and follow the rhythm. Once the creative process starts, there are also ten useful tips that will help you to get things done faster and become true to the rap culture! 

10 Useful Tips on How to Learn to Write Rap 

Writing rap and rhyming words is not as easy as it seems. A person must be well-read and creative to be able to rap on the spot. It takes much time, effort and practice to get Eminem skills! Here are some 10 tips that will be useful for rap beginners.

1. Find an Idea That Inspires You! 

Narrow things down and choose something that motivates you. Tell a story and do it in a sincere way by acting exactly as you would do in a circle of friends. It if moves you, it will move the others, too! 

2. Avoid The Typical Clichés! 

No, it’s not all about the guns, glossy chicks, and fancy cars. The rap can be lyrical and almost teary when the big guys talk about the family and true brotherhood. Remember that famous song called “Heartless” that most of you will know well? It tells a story and mentions all the typical things, yet does it as a rap that you can visualize! When you need to paraphrase something or correct your line structure, think about approaching an essay writer help. Ask for creative help or rhyming advice, and see if these minor corrections or ideas from the pros will help to craft a catchy rap song! 

3. Your Song Title Must Be Reflective. 

Reflect on the timeline, think about what reasons have led to something, and keep the structure in your verses. Be sustainable and stick to your story and main characters, if any.

4. Start With a Good Beat! 

Try out different rhythmic patterns and do not be afraid of changing the key if it suits you! There are many free beats online to start with! 

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5. Make a Strong Chorus. 

The chorus can change the beat and the rhyme completely, as it’s often done by famous rap artists. When you are writing memorable song and rap along, the most important thing is to create a strong chorus that will have that culmination that will be memorable and will strike out loud! 

6. Work On The Break Section. 

If you want to add something special to your rap, do not forget about a strong break that may come before a different pitch chorus comes up. It’s also possible to change the rap completely and add some reflection. 

7. Pronounce Your Words With Your Mouth Loud! 

If you want to write a good rap, try to rap with your mouth open wide, so you can pronounce the words well. Practice it in front of a mirror and do not hurry. This way, you can “fit” within your rap lyrics! 

8. Try Different Vocal Pitches. 

It does work wonders as you can expand your voice! It is great when a rapper can mix styles, rap verses, and sing choruses. Listen to hits of famous rappers and borrow something from their music styles.

9. Use The ReWriting Practice. 

Don’t be afraid to rewrite and proofread your writing, as it is a great and creative process. It may take some time till you finish your song, but the end result will be worth it.

10. Play With Similar Words. 

Sometimes you can replace those odd words that do not fit with the ones that have the same meaning. Pick a dictionary online, and you’ll thank me for the trick! 

Keep Things Inspiring!

Contrary to the popular belief, writing a good rap lyric is not only about matching your voice to the beat and finding those unique samples that will have the right bass line or the punching snare drum. In reality, you have to keep things vivid and inspiring as your words tell a story and motivate people to think better and stay honest. The true heart of rap music is storytelling that cuts things raw and inspires others as they listen. As you work on the mechanics and the beat, remember that too! 


Ruby Butz loves her share of quality rap music as she dives into the rap culture and the immortal lifestyle. As an educator and technology specialist, she believes in sharing and learning by example. Follow Ruby to learn more about rap and carry on the heritage! 

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